About Us

The organisation started among three friends who came from the UK and moved to Australia. We have all experienced what it is like searching for a job overseas, what a job seeker hurdles to land the right job, the waiting period, the rejection, the success, and finally, doing the job.

We know the different challenges a job seeker is going to face and the journey seems to be endless. This has prompted us to create this. We have the desire to help every job seeker out there, to make it far easier at their end to hunt for a job, and then be interviewed, later on, get hired.

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Whether you are browsing around, looking for an opportunity or seriously considering looking for a job overseas, we have what you need. We make sure that your long job hunting days are over. We will help you expedite the process and be able to get the job with our user-friendly website.

We have put into our site what we have learned with our past job hunting experiences, and incorporate it here. This has brought about the creation of a finding a job website that delivers what is meant to do – to give you the right job that fits your skills and pay expectations.

Do look around. Check out what we have to offer. If you have any questions, you can always drop us a line or two. We would love to hear from you, your job hunting experience, and more.